Freedom-friendly electronics and services

Update Thursday 2019-12-05: Libiquity has now restored network services following a full power and Internet outage that began late Monday afternoon. We apologize again for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
Monday 2019-12-02: Libiquity is experiencing occasional power failures due to severe weather. Longer failures are possible, which may disrupt Libiquity Web sites and e-mail services. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Libiquity sells electronics and services that respect their owners’ freedom and privacy. That is, Libiquity products and services run software that anyone is free to study, modify, and redistribute. This ensures that customers remain in control of their computing and are able to choose any vendor for support.

This freedom has also enabled thousands of developers from hundreds of companies over the decades to collaborate and make the software in Libiquity products high-quality, highly reliable, secure, and flexible.

Libiquity’s selection of products and services is growing, with new offerings currently in early development.

Personal Computers

Taurinus T400 coming soon! Contact us to be notified.

Taurinus X200

Taurinus X200

“Now the most 'Free Software' laptop on the planet”


From: $375.00

Standard: $445.00

Computer Parts and Accessories

Coming December 2019! Contact us for more information.

LulzBot 3-D Printer Parts

Wiper pads coming December 2019!

Need parts for your LulzBot? Contact us! We know the LulzBot designs and can surely find what you need through our suppliers.


Libiquity stickers coming December 2019!