2.5″ Drive 7-mm to 9.5-mm Adapter/Spacer

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Designed and manufactured by Libiquity in the USA using freedom-respecting software and manufacturing equipment. Parametric CAD source files available and licensed under GNU General Public License version 3 or later.


Most 2.5″ solid state drives (SSDs) and many modern 2.5″ hard disk drives (HDDs) are 7 mm high. Some laptop computers, including the Taurinus X200, feature drive bays that accommodate drives as high as 9.5 mm (such as some higher capacity HDDs). An adapter/spacer snugly secures thin drives inside larger drive bays, minimizing movement which can cause damage especially to HDDs.

To install, simply place the adapter/spacer on top of the drive and install the drive into the laptop as usual. To allow reuse of the adapter/spacer on different drives, adhesive strips are not included. Adhesive strips are not necessary in laptops with drive caddies and rubber rails, such as the Taurinus X200.



100.00 mm × 69.85 mm × 2.50 mm (3.94″ × 2.75″ × 0.10″)


3.7 g (0.13 oz)

Form Factor

SNIA SFF-8201 2.5″ form factor


> 99.9% high-impact polystyrene

Operating Temperature

Up to 100 °C (212 °F)